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Tavoli su Misura Multitouch
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Totem Touchscreen colore a scelta
Multitouch con Display fino 65"
LIM Interctive Whiteboard

LIM Interctive Whiteboard

The best solution for teaching and learning suitable for each school and school. Each student has the opportunity to touch all phases of the study and learning learning and growing interactively.

It's an easy to learn and use, touch-sensitive, and allows teachers and students to interact with the content of the lesson in a natural way by using your finger or the pen.

Among the top products, the Smart Board interactive whiteboard with wall front projection. Uses proprietary technology tactile recognition smart DViT ® (Digital Vision Touch) and has a solid surface and interactive supports simultaneous operation of two users. The Smart Board interactive whiteboard has a diagonal of 77 inches (195.6 centimeters) with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

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