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Web Marketing and Search Engines Indexing

Statistics and researches show that 60% of users quit searching if the desired result is not in the very first page.

This points out the importance of the Internet Website’s view and of the E-Commerce on Search Engines.

Having a great placement nowadays has become essential to guarantee visibility and growth of the business.

Internet surfers rely on search engines to find information, products, and services.

They are the ones that represent the main source of sale opportunity for the website.

Many are today the solutions and strategies that can be applied on websites and E-Commerce for their index and optimization.

Our goal is to increase online traffic and visibility.

Some of our services:

  • Planning and SEO Optimization Strategy
  • Index on the main search engines
  • Optimization ((and activation if necessary) of third level domains, to increase the website visibility and a positioning improvement on the main search engines.
  • Recommendation to the main national and international search engines! 
  • Periodic reports in order to analyze and verify the efficiency of the service and the activity trend.
  • Meta-Tag Optimization of the website pages
  • Detailed Report on Google Analytics 
  • Statistics Supervision
  • Promotions Creation with Google AdWords
  • Competition keywords analysis on the Search Engines