Vetrine Interattive Digitali
con Software Multitouch per
Agenzia Immobiliari e di Viaggio
Schermi Olografici Trasparenti
alta luminosità per presentare
prodotti e servizi
Tavoli su Misura Multitouch
con Software Interattivo LIMA
Totem Touchscreen colore a scelta
Multitouch con Display fino 65"
Digital Signage

Change the sales passion of your products and services through the Digital Signage Solutions, the new form of audiovisual multimedia communication based on content and message distribution in digital format, on electrical screens, interactive totems, touchscreen monitors, holographic screens in public and private spaces. Create dynamic animated and daily programmable contents!

In Europe digital signage installations are growing with a percentage value of 100% every year and are supposed to further increase even faster every year.

Although a little late compared to the international trends, the Digital Signage is growing considerably also in Italy becoming a new communication standard.

On average, Digital Signage solutions indicate a 18% annual increase in sales, without regards the numerous and the slight advantages of a better management and experience from the clients, a better service and brand awareness, and of a new innovation at the dealing place.

The Digital Signage allows you, through specialized devices like totems, interactive windows, holographic screens, multimedia monitors, or wide wall screens, to promote and share in a dynamic and fascinating way a wide variety of information, advertisements, multimedia contents, footages, news, pictures, and live updates, easily through a specialized software platform, which the Client can manage independently.

The applications are endless like the opportunities are.

The main sectors that may take advantage of the Digital Signage solutions


• Wholesale Distribution

• Shopping Malls

• Resale

• Banking and Financing Services

• Media / Advertisement

•Travel e Tourism

• Public Administration

• Hotels

• Hospitals/ Clinics

• Real Estates and Services

• Fairs and Events

• Museums

• Hospitality

• Restaurants / Fast Food

• Clubs

• Lotteries and Betting

• Telecommunications

• Post Offices

• Insurances

• Games and Free Time

• Human Resources

• Franchising

• University

• Funfairs

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