Vetrine Interattive Digitali
con Software Multitouch per
Agenzia Immobiliari e di Viaggio
Schermi Olografici Trasparenti
alta luminosità per presentare
prodotti e servizi
Tavoli su Misura Multitouch
con Software Interattivo LIMA
Totem Touchscreen colore a scelta
Multitouch con Display fino 65"

Important installation of interactive multitouch window 55" high brightness in Imola, BO.

Lima multitouch software will allow you to browse multiple information content, in a fast and intuitive, dedicated to the city and tourists.

For info: 

New installation of Multitouch Table at the new showroom Company Leader Loggia paints (Sabaudia).

For more   

Intallation Holographic Video Screen 100" Trasparent at a important showroom in Valenza.


Have been made two Totem iRead Multitouch 32 "for the City of Otranto. 

These Totem, combined with a third totem outdoor, will have the role of informing citizens and tourists the receptive services and events in the municipality and surrounding areas.

Realization of the new Stand customer Tecnosan Ltd. for Congress AIRO (Italian Association of Radiation Oncology) at Rimini.

Technological and Innovative Ideas for Your Business. 

Touchscreen solutions customized for Multitouch display of products and projects.

Explora iRead is the new interactive kiosk Multifunction. Is completely customizable according to on customer needs. 

The size of the screen, the graphics and the system of interchangeable cover, through the choice of color, make the product suitable for your needs. Achievable with Display 22 "- 32" - 42 "- 46" - 55 ". 

Suitable for use of the LIMA Software Multitouch

Touchscreen Totem 47"
03 Agosto 2015

Installation of Totem Touch Screen 47" Outdoor at the Municipality of Romagnese (PV) for providing, to citizens and tourists, helpful information and local events, as well as local food, wine and accommodation facilities. 

Evolutha besides the Totem created the Software touchscreen information points fully managed by the City Romagnese.

New realization of the Stand Evolutha RADIUS at Palacongressi Rimini, Congress AIMN

iRead Totem 27"
14 Aprile 2015

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